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Mosaic has a great team of very passionate and friendly counsellors whom all identify as lesbian, gay, bi or trans so you can be sure that you will be understood. Counselling is a psychological, structured process, safe and confidential, that helps you better understand your emotions and build coping strategies against adversities. The goal for counselling is to promote self-understanding and self-acceptance. It can be difficult to understand the difference between counselling and mentoring and the way we explain it at Mosaic is that counselling helps you with understanding your own emotions like sadness, anger or shame and past experiences like loss or abuse, providing you with effective emotional tools strategies to better manage your life; and mentoring helps you to better manage present practical issues you may encounter, like in relationships, family or school.


If you would like to speak to us about accessing counselling support please get in touch.


  • £10
    Buys materials to deliver an arts and craft session that helps young LGBT+ persons to deal with stress.
  • £20
    Pays for 4 young persons to attend Pride Prom, that offers an all-inclusive safe space to celebrate and have fun without fear of prejudice.
  • £50
    Pays to take 10 young persons to see an LGBT+ play or screening that connects them with the LGBT+ history, heritage and arts.
  • £100
    Pays for one person's annual cost of Young Persons Club.

Mosaic has helped me find the difference between how I truly feel and how someone wants me to feel. I don’t always have to change myself to fit someone else’s agenda or what they expect me to feel.

– Hoani


Going to Mosaic gave me more confidence. Being around so many people who were openly Queer really helped.

– Mimi


Mosaic has allowed me to gain so much confidence in myself. They’ve helped me through struggles not just with advice but with action. It’s allowed me to meet others like me and make me feel like any other teen.

– Oli

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