Young Persons Services

Mosaic offers a diverse range of specialist services dedicated at young people primarily aged thirteen to nineteen, who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and/or Other, as well as those who are questioning their sexuality and/or gender. All our services are designed around our aim to support, educate and inspire the next generation of the LGBT+ community.

Refuges are proudly welcome.

Browse through our professional services that are aimed at young persons. For more details on our individual services, feel free to contact us.


We run a diverse range of events including our popular Pride Prom and Homoween. These events are designed so that young LGBT+ persons have a space, that is fun, free from drugs and offers alternative to hetero-normative school-based events that often our members don’t feel comfortable at as well commercial gay clubbing scene that isn’t appropriate for young LGBT+ persons.

Internships & Work Placements

We believe in offering young LGBT+ persons opportunity to experience LGBT+ inclusive workplaces. Hence we offer short term work placements within our approved companies so that not only they can learn more about workplace culture, but also what it means to be an LGBT+ professional.

Retreats & Residentials

Mosaic LGBT Youth Summer Camp and Winter Retreat are both residential programmes that offer time away from often oppressive environments of school, community and family. Residential allows to establish a positive sense of identity, learn more about what it means to be LGBT in modern society as well as develop peer networks that help create positive self-esteem and reduce the risks associated with isolation and loneliness.

Youth Club

Mosaic’s LGBT+ Youth Club takes place every Wednesday from 6.30pm – 9.00pm in Euston / King’s Cross area, so it is accessible to young persons from around London. The evening is structured, so it offers the opportunity to create a positive peer to peer networks reducing isolation and loneliness and often reducing the risk of CSE. It’s also education focused so that workshops every week increase young person’s understanding of LGBT identity, history, relationships based around Every Child Matters framework.

We also offer a library of resources for young LGBT persons on site so they can learn more about what it means to be LGBT+.


We offer two types of mentoring, on-site and in the community, our mentors would go and see a young person in school or the organisation. This service does not require parental consent based on the Fraser Guidelines. The young persons and mentor decide the frequency of meetings. This service allows the young person to have a frank and honest conversation about what is happening in their lives currently those very from identity through relationships to family issues. It’s a confidential service, but we do take safeguarding seriously and would act on any concerns raised.

Our mission is to enhance and sustain the health and well-being of young LGBT+ persons, through support, education and inspiration moments.

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