Your donations power us and the important work that we do in helping to support and transform the lives of young LGBT+ persons across London.


Where do your donations go?

We are incredibly grateful and could not do this without your kindness and generosity. This is the life-changing impact your donations have.


Buys materials to deliver an arts and craft session that helps young LGBT+ persons to deal with stress.


Pays for an intergenerational event that helps to bring older and younger LGBT+ persons together to challenge prejudice and help build a kinder LGBT+ community for all. 


Pays for 4 young persons to attend Pride Prom, that offers an all-inclusive safe space to celebrate and have fun without fear of prejudice. 


Pays for one place at our Winter Camp residential programme for LGBT+ young persons in February half-term break.


Pays to take 10 young persons to see an LGBT+ play or screening that connects them with the LGBT+ history, heritage and arts.


Pays for one place at our Summer Camp so young LGBT+ persons can go away and learn what it means to be part of the LGBT+ community in a fun, kind and affirming space.


Pays for one person's annual cost of Youth Club.


Pays for a month of our rent so we can deliver our services in a safe space.

Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons' Trust

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