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Welcome to Mosaic Trust

Supporting, Educating, and Inspiring London's LGBT+ Young Persons

Growing up B(r)ent

Growing Up Brent' is a radio play by artist and filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall produced in close collaboration with Mosaic LGBT+ Young Persons’ Trust. Commissioned and produced as part of the Brent Biennial 2022, 'In the House of my Love' (8 July – 11 September 2022), by Metroland Cultures. To find out more, please visit Metroland Cultures.

Young Persons

Do you want to meet other LGBT+ young persons 18 & under just like you? Get involved in our weekly clubs, cultural outings, retreats & more

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Are you a parent or guardian of an LGBT+ young person looking for resources and support?


Do you work with young LGBT+ persons & need resources and advice?

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In joining Mosaic I felt like I was myself more and more. I’ve gone from hating the gay part of myself to loving myself and never giving this identity up for anything. The workshops have opened my eyes up to how beautiful the community really is in a way that isn’t shared in schools.

– Nilton


I've been going to Mosaic for 3 years now and I can honestly say I wouldn't be the same person if I had never gone. The mentors are friendly and make sure everyone is safe, and the whole environment feels like a big family. It's helped me with my confidence and with my understanding of other peoples experiences.

– Aspen


While I was a uni student in London unable to afford to do anything but pay my rent and buy the bare essentials, Mosaic gave me the opportunity to take part in so many wonderful events from which I have learned a great deal and also helped me out with meals. Mosaic and it's associated mentors and young persons have truly changed my life in such a short amount of time and continue to give me much needed support and a routine during lockdown.

– Genie

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