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Drag Academy

Come join us and Crayola The Queen at Drag Academy, an opportunity for you to explore your drag alter ego!
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Join Crayola The Queen on a quest to bring up your Drag alter ego.

We all have one so you don't need any prior experience as this is the beginners workshop. If you have done Drag before you are very much welcome to come along too, of course. 

This is a safe space for you to experiment, explore, get feedback, improve your Drag alter ego.It's a strangely liberating process of self discovery. 

What you need to know

  • £10
    Buys materials to deliver an arts and craft session that helps young LGBT+ persons to deal with stress.
  • £20
    Pays for 4 young persons to attend Pride Prom, that offers an all-inclusive safe space to celebrate and have fun without fear of prejudice.
  • £50
    Pays to take 10 young persons to see an LGBT+ play or screening that connects them with the LGBT+ history, heritage and arts.
  • £100
    Pays for one person's annual cost of Young Persons Club.

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