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Find out about what we do for LGBT+ young persons and how to get involved.

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What is Youth Club like?

Youth Club is a friendly and welcoming space for LGBT+ young persons just like you! It’s a place for you to make friends, access support, take part in fun activities and workshops, and be yourself.

Do I need to pay to take part?

Almost everything that we do is free for you to take part in. If you are unable to pay for anything that you would like to take part in where we have asked for payment, we invite you to reach out so that we can look into covering the cost for you.

Where does everything happen?

Youth Club takes place near Euston station in Camden, but we often venture out to venues across London as part of Culture Club. Sometimes we travel across the country to take part in residentials and other programs. For your safety, you won’t find the address on our website. Please contact us if you’d like to join in.

Do I need permission from my parents to attend?

It’s always best to seek the support of your parents when coming to the centre, if it is safe for you to do so. We will not contact them to request their permission.

What is Culture Club?

Culture Club is the name for our many outings to LGBT+ cultural events and venues in London and beyond. We think it’s important you have the opportunity to see people like you on stage, on screens, in books, and in galleries. We attend lots of different events so get in touch to find out where we’re going next!

Mosaic Trust Showcase


Mosaic has helped me find the difference between how I truly feel and how someone wants me to feel. I don’t always have to change myself to fit someone else’s agenda or what they expect me to feel.

– Hoani


Going to Mosaic gave me more confidence. Being around so many people who were openly Queer really helped.

– Mimi


Mosaic has allowed me to gain so much confidence in myself. They’ve helped me through struggles not just with advice but with action. It’s allowed me to meet others like me and make me feel like any other teen.

– Oli