Young Persons

Find out about what we do for LGBT+ young persons and how to get involved.
Three young people with rainbow facepaint, holding and wearing Pride and Trans Pride flags
A group of young people with Pride flags

Youth Club

A group of our Young Persons standing together with our Director

Culture Club

Photograph of our Young Persons in hard hats and protective gear on crossing a bridge from a previous Youth Camp


A photograph of a Young Person and Mentor with rainbow make-up on at a Pride event


Photograph of a person sat on a couch and working on their phone

Online Counselling




Mosaic Trust Showcase


Mosaic has helped me find the difference between how I truly feel and how someone wants me to feel. I don’t always have to change myself to fit someone else’s agenda or what they expect me to feel.

– Hoani


Going to Mosaic gave me more confidence. Being around so many people who were openly Queer really helped.

– Mimi


Mosaic has allowed me to gain so much confidence in myself. They’ve helped me through struggles not just with advice but with action. It’s allowed me to meet others like me and make me feel like any other teen.

– Oli