Parents & Guardians

Access guidance and support to help you as the parent or guardian of an LGBT+ young person.
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In addition to being London’s hub for LGBT+ persons aged 18 and under, we recognise and understand that parents, carers, guardians and families may also need advice, information and support. We can help you in your journey, and in turn, better support your young person.
One-to-one support

Understanding the best way to care for any LGBT+ young person in your care may present unfamiliar challenges. This service is for parents and guardians and enables us to assess your needs and provide tailored guidance to help you best support a young LGBT+ person.

The Mosaic community

We are committed to building a strong and cohesive LGBT+ community that is safe, free from prejudice, and thriving. Through our weekly Youth Club, regular Culture Club and wider programmes, we provide essential resources, we advocate for young LGBT+ rights, and embrace, promote and endorse the diversity of young persons. Our community is one where every LGBT+ young person feels empowered, inspired and proud of who they are.


How we help